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Dealer Information

Capital Dodge Chrysler Jeep-Ottawa

2500 Palladium Drive, Suite 1200
Buyer Reviews 3
Average Rating 5.3
Average Discount $8,083
Jeep Compass

Jeep Compass

Year Buyer Reviews Dealer Discount National Average
2017 1 $4,250 $2,125

Buyer Reviews

Rated 3

Buying a 2017 Jeep Compass, and saving $4250 off of MSRP.
I had already located the car I wanted at another dealer over 250km away, it took them over 2 weeks to confirm that I could have that vehicle and after confirmation another week and a half to set up my delivery date. After I refused any up sell from the Finance and Insurance office I was not treated great, also the salesperson I had originally purchased from had left the dealership and delivery was left for another salesperson to do. On delivery the tank was empty and we had to fill it up before I left. Also I was not impressed with the $90 dollar charge for gas when the vehicle is only a 51 litre tank, that coupled with a $995.00 ADMIN FEE WILL NEGATE ANY RECOMMENDATIONS OR FUTURE PURCHASES from Capital Dodge.
Norm from Carleton Place, ON
reported on Saturday, April 22, 2017

Dodge Grand Caravan

Dodge Grand Caravan

Year Buyer Reviews Dealer Discount National Average
2011 1 $10,000 $5,362

Buyer Reviews

Rated 6

Buying a 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan, and saving $10000 off of MSRP.
I found the wholesale price report very useful when I bought my Honda four years ago. Unfortunately, it wasn't very useful when buying a Dodge Grand Caravan. None of the Dodge numbers appears to have any relation to reality. After subtracting the factory incentives, there are still many additional thousands to be saved. Go to the dealer at the end of the month (when they claim they need sales to meet a monthly quota). Only negotiate using the final "all-in" number (what you pay, including taxes & delivery). Don't listen to any of the fake numbers the dealer adds up to justify his/her counter-offers. If the dealership seems unwilling to lower its price point, just stand up and try to leave; they'll do anything to keep you from walking out. And if you're buying a Grand Caravan, test-drive the Odyssey first. We were half-hoping the Dodge negotiations would fail so we'd have an excuse to buy the much nicer Odyssey. That helped us stick to a fairly aggressive price point.
David from Kanata, ON
reported on Monday, July 04, 2011