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Dealer Information

Dalts Honda - (Orillia)

500 Memorial Avenue
Buyer Reviews 2
Average Rating 9.5
Average Discount $1,625
Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V

Year Buyer Reviews Dealer Discount National Average
2017 1 $2,250 $1,125

Buyer Reviews

Rated 10

Buying a 2017 Honda CR-V, and saving $2250 off of MSRP.
Arnold from , ON
reported on Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Honda Civic Sdn

Honda Civic Sdn

Year Buyer Reviews Dealer Discount National Average
2008 1 $1,000 $1,458

Buyer Reviews

Rated 9

Leasing a 2008 Honda Civic Sdn, and saving $1000 off of MSRP.
The Civic suited my needs, and I really like the combo of Japanese engineering and Canadian construction. I first went to a dealer in a nearby city (before signing on to Car Cost Canada). Even after spending over an hour there and demonstrating I was ready to buy that week, the sales manager's first offer was full MSRP, which I thought was disrespectful. Imagine my delight when, equipped with the Car Cost Canada report, I had a much better experience with the local dealer. (To give credit where credit is due, the sales rep was recommended to me by a colleague who knew him). I followed the Car Cost canada buying tips, and produced the reports right away. My well-informed offer (wholesale plus 5%) was well-received as reasonable, and started negotiations off on the right foot. A very satisfactory experience from the dealer, and from car Cost Canada!
reported on Thursday, January 03, 2008