BMW cars have both hybrid and electric engines that have taken off in popularity in recent years. With how electric cars are effectively utilizing mileage with minimal environmental impact, they are poised to become a prime commodity. The future is now with these outstanding vehicles of the present.

A BMW electric car will be able to suit your driving needs and give you amazing savings on gas and maintenance down the line. There are a bunch of great cars out there and we’re here to navigate your way through them.

CarCostCanada is here to help find your new BMW electric car. We’re Canada’s top choice for new car owners and are a trusted pricing service that compares many models on the market. Let’s look at the top four electric BMW vehicles you can get right now.



BMW i3

The BMW i3 comes in both Auto and Auto with Range Extender. Its compact size is supported by an electric motor engine and a Single Speed Automatic transmission. You’ll also have a great sound system with four speakers included with bluetooth and audio input.

A backup camera is included to help your vision in the rearview side and automatic air conditioning in the car’s interior. Advanced versions of the BMW i3 also have an intelligent emergency call system. The standard MSRP starts at $44,950.




The BMW M8 has an open roof on its vehicle and can be used to enjoy the sun as you drive around. This vehicle has several versions: the Coupe, Competition, Cabriolet, Competition, Gran Coupe, and the Competition.

This vehicle is equipped with a 4.4L V8 engine and a sport automatic transmission. The sport seats inside are made out of premium Merino Leather, which is also used on the steering wheel. You also get a surrounding view inside with front, left, right, backup cameras to help see where you’re going. MSRP starts at $151,000.




This sleek car is the ideal choice for a sports activity vehicle. You’ll be able to move around easily and fit a lot of things in the BMW X2. Its engine is 2.0L DOHC I4 with an 8-Speed Automatic transmission. The 19″ x 8″ Light Alloy Y-Spoke Wheels are durable and will help you drive around smoother with its 7 Speaker Sound System.

Along with a standard Back-Up camera, you also have a bluetooth and Apple Car Play audio system to play around with in the comfort of heated front seats. MSRP for this one starts at $43,100 depending on the model.



BMW i8

The BMW i8 comes in both the Coupe and Roadster functions. A powerful 1.5L TwinPower Turbo 3-Cylinder engine powers this exceptional vehicle, along with a 6-speed Automatic transmission and a hybrid electric motor.

You’ll be reducing your environmental footprint while also saving some money with the BMW i8. Included also is a helpful integrated navigation system that is voice-activated. Leather seating will give you a comfortable experience driving around. You also get the safety of blind spot sensors and surrounding view cameras. MSRP starts at $149,900.

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