For nearly two decades now, our dealer invoice reports at CarCostCanada have allowed many Canadians to know how much a dealer paid for a specific make and model. We’ve also presented countless friendly options for financing and leasing, as well as all factory rebates and incentives you’re entitled to (both advertised and unadvertised) so that you can negotiate the best price for a brand new car.
We are Canada’s #1 choice for new car buyers and the most trusted online new car pricing service. Check out our videos to learn more.

CarCostCanada Intro

So you’ve decided to buy a brand new car? Meet Max and the two Bobs to find out how you can easily save a ton of money with a dealer invoice price report from CarCostCanada!

Buying A New Car

Buying a brand new car at an amazing price in Canada has never been easier. Check out this video to find out how you can get a dealer invoice price report of your own, how to read your report, and learn about our Buy Now program.

Hassle Free Experience

CarCostCanada makes buying or leasing a new car in Canada a hassle-free experience. Watch this video to find out how to avoid buying from a “bad Bob”, and how we refer you to a “good Bob” when you sign up for membership.

Pro Membership

Did you know, when you sign up for a CarCostCanada membership you get more perks than just access to our dealer invoice price reports? Find out what amazing perks you get for being a member of CarCostCanada!

Factory Incentives

CarCostCanada helps you save big on your brand new car with factory incentives and rebates (both advertised and unadvertised). Find out how you can avoid falling for wishy-washy incentives and get access to great ones in this video.

Buy Now Program

Interested in our Buy Now program? If a local dealer doesn’t have your car available, we will contact an associate to get your car, still at the best price for you. Get all the details by watching our video.
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Getting your free dealer invoice price report is easy. All you have to do is sign up for a CarCostCanada membership, select your make, model, and trim, and we do the rest! You’ll automatically get your free report that you can take with you to the dealer and negotiate a better price for your brand new car. We even refer you to trusted dealers that accept our reports, to make sure that you’re getting your new car at the best price possible. And the result? Buying a new car has never been easier!
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