About Us

CarCostCanada® was the first company to offer dealer invoice prices in Canada and we've been Canada's #1 choice since 1999. CarCostCanada is a division of Armada Data Corporation, a trusted company that is publicly traded on the TSX.

Since it first became available on November 1, 1999, well over 700,000 Canadians have used the proprietary CarCostCanada Price Report to save time and money on their new vehicle acquisition. Our website explains how you can save money by knowing the dealer cost of all new vehicles sold in Canada, knowing the current unadvertised incentives found on new vehicles for sale and how the CarCostCanada national dealer network will help you enjoy a more user friendly purchase or lease experience. CarCostCanada members have reported saving on average more than $2,500 on their purchases and leases over the past 21 years.

The CarCostCanada Price Report is a vital prerequisite when researching and shopping for your next new car, van or light truck because dealers almost always sell for less when you show them the report. Members have access to all the information needed to remove the shroud of mystery surrounding new car transactions in Canada. Armed with this info our members are able to know for sure if they are getting treated fairly and what represents a good deal under all market conditions. To further clarify important supply and demand details, CarCostCanada now includes Pricing Guidance in our Reports, describing price expectations for all vehicle types.

Best of all our membership is free! Our Pro membership provides access to pricing information on at least 2 vehicles. Pricing info about similar vehicles is included as Bonus Reports. It is common for members to receive an average 5 Price Reports with their free membership. The Pro membership also includes info about rebates and incentives, pricing guidance, access to a trade in calculator and in many cases a referral to a cooperative new car dealer.

Using CarCostCanada is a simple, three step process. We have outlined the process here: How CarCostCanada Works.

For new car buyers who want to explore more vehicles, or who plan to use our service repeatedly over the years, we offer an Expert membership. Expert membership adds 5 additional Price Reports. When the bonus vehicle Price Reports are taken into account, the number of vehicles reviewed will likely be over 25.

CarCostCanada is staffed with dealership experts. With our contacts and experience while employed in dealerships and now working with both dealers and consumers, we are uniquely positioned to help bring both sides closer together. To further this mandate we recently launched an updated and enhanced Concierge Service for those members looking for a more personalized “one on one” style of support. Members now have the option of getting advice from an independent expert while sourcing, shopping, buying and taking delivery of their new vehicle.

In March 2020, CarCostCanada launched it’s mobile app for iPhone® on the App Store™ and for Android™ on Google Play. The fully native application will enhance the user experience of person who is considering the purchase of a new car or light truck.

Similar to Carfax reports designed to protect used car buyers from purchasing used vehicles that have had accident claims or liens; CarCostCanada Price Reports protect new car buyers from overpaying on their new vehicle transaction. CarCostCanada represents the finest possible Overpayment Protection a new car buyer can deploy.

Our Customer Service team is ready and able to provide support to all CarCostCanada members, access our Live Support for immediate assistance.

We empower you to get a great deal.