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Dealer Information

Milton Chrysler Dodge Limited

81 Ontario Street North
Buyer Reviews 1
Average Rating 10.0
Average Discount $9,000
Dodge Grand Caravan

Dodge Grand Caravan

Year Buyer Reviews Dealer Discount National Average
2009 1 $9,000 $5,113

Buyer Reviews

Rated 10

Buying a 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan, and saving $9000 off of MSRP.
The dealer is close to home. Their service and sales style was comfortable, and not high pressure. Milton Chrysler's dealer admin charge is only $199! All other GTA dealers I visited were $325 or $400. One dealer I went to wanted $600, which was $150 admin and $450 for "window glass etching". What a bunch of BS. Knowing the wholesale price of the van made the deal much easier, because I knew what price to offer that would get me a great deal and still let the dealer make a reasonable profit.
Ian from Milton, ON
reported on Wednesday, August 05, 2009